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Posted: Sep. 09 2010 by Chesamo
I've just ordered a new server to replace the old machine that SL21 hs been running off of since 2008. Additionally, I'm working to distribute the server load by reviving one of my older laptops to perform some of the more mundane tasks (cron tasks, for example).We'll see how this goes.

Posted: Dec. 31 2009 by Chesamo
Ringing in the new year with an all-out Goa set by me! Happy 2010!

Posted: Dec. 16 2009 by Chesamo
Support open Web standards.
Created a banner for the AnyBrowser project. Figured I'd throw it up here as well.

Posted: Dec. 09 2009 by Chesamo
Twitter! Follow us! We need the publicity ;~;

Posted: Nov. 18 2009 by Chesamo
Joining us today in our playlist is the illustrious Kyle Ward!

Posted: Nov. 16 2009 by Chesamo
Major overhaul today. And by major, I mean major. The entire server's been reformatted and reinstalled, we moved out SHOUTcast broadcasting software onto the SL21 host machine, and I finally got around to setting up that IRC server I've always been meaning to do. More on this later.