What to Do about Dry Skin from Chlorine

Dry skin from chlorine can be the unfortunate consequence of swimming in chlorinated water. A person who swims often in public pools can develop dry skin from chlorine.

People are advised to shower immediately after swimming. That is why there are public showers in all change rooms. The chemical of chlorine is hard on the skin and needs to be washed off right away.

People need to use soap or a body wash to get off all the chlorine. It is best if they shower in private quarters if they are embarrassed to strip naked. Some public showers have curtains for this purpose if the person cannot go home right away.

Then, it is best to apply moisturizer to the skin. Even Vaseline will do the trick. In fact, Vaseline is one of the most hypoallergenic things for the skin. Very rarely is anyone allergic to this and it will trap in the moisture from the shower.