The security and safety of your family is always paramount in your mind, and as your home is your most valuable asset, protecting your house as well as its occupants is essential. There is no better way to do this than by installing a home security system, and since you can pick one up at an affordable price, there’s no excuse for not buying one.

Why Do You Need A Home Security System

I firmly believe that every home should have a quality home security system for several reasons. I’ve outlined the most important ones here:

  • Evidence – if your home is burgled or your property is damaged, a home security system will provide evidence to present to the police. Security cameras outside your home will pick up on potential burglars or trespassers while security cameras inside the property can protect you from unscrupulous babysitters, cleaners or other helpers in your home that may try to steal from you.
  • Deterrent – there has been plenty of research to show that homes that have security cameras are less likely to be burgled than those that do not, and that applies not just to individual properties but to the neighborhood as a whole. By installing home security, you’re benefiting not only yourself but your neighbors too.
  • Cheaper Insurance – some insurance companies will offer lower premiums to people who have security systems in their home,
  • Remote Access  – if you have a camera inside your property, you can look at anything happening inside the home at any time. For example if you are at work you may want to check in on your cat or dog, or if you are on vacation you may just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing all is well. Most camera allow for remote access from a computer or smartphone for convenience check ins.

Where To Install Your Home Security Camera

If I’ve convinced you by now to invest in a security camera for your home, the next question is where should you install it? There are several ideal locations. I would suggest the following:

  • Front Door – over 30% of thieves access your property via the front door, therefore putting a surveillance camera there is a good idea. Putting the camera at second floor height will prevent an intruder from damaging the camera and stopping it from working
  • Back Door – over 20% of burglars come in via a back entrance so put a camera there too. Again, you should ensure it cannot easily be reached by an intruder
  • Rear windows – rear windows or any window out of direct view of your street are potential targets for intruders so put a camera in those areas
  • Side Gate And Backyard – even if burglars don’t enter your property, they could still steal your lawn machinery, kids’ toys or recreational equipment. By installing a surveillance camera with night vision you can keep an eye on your outdoor valuables
  • Basement stairs – if your basement has a door or a window that could be crawled through, put a camera looking down the stairs that lead to your home so that it can see any intruders who try to get in that way

Best Home Security Camera

I find it very difficult to recommend the best home security camera since there are so many great models out there and all are great for different reasons. However, I’ll tell you about the model I have at home:

Tenvis JPT3815W-HD Wireless Surveillance

I chose this surveillance camera for my home for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has a wireless network connection which means that there’s no need to any complex wiring and it was really easy to install in any room I wanted. Even better, this camera doesn’t need to stay on all the time as it can automatically detect any moving object and trigger the alarm. It can also send me email alerts so no matter where I am I can be aware of what’s happening at home.

All of the images captured are uploaded to the FTP server so I can see at a glance what triggered the alarm, allowing me to rest easy if it was just the dog! As the images can be remotely viewed on my Android smartphone, it’s even more convenient. Some of the other great features of this camera is that it has Infrared night vision which turns on automatically in the dark or in low lighting and that it has a two way audio system, so you can listen to what’s happening in the room and answer back.

Its panning and tilting control allows you to move the camera in any direction you like up to 340 degrees horizontally and up to 90 degrees vertically for a great range of vision. I’ve used this camera to keep an eye on the property when I’m on vacation, to check in on my pet dog when I’ve been at work and also to check on the kids a few times when I’ve had to pop out for a few minutes. It’s a great little camera and it represents great value for money.